Contact I'll Be Your Rock for rural LGBTQ+ youth support.

Christine Terpening, Founder & President

Text 517-231-3740 and  I will call you ASAP


Christine's story is often the spotlight of I'll Be Your Rock, but she knew that for this life changing, life saving organization to reach every rural LGBTQ+ youth possible, she would need a team of dedicated, passionate, qualified people to help with this mission. Though we have a community full of such people, it is the board that are the gears of I'll Be Your Rock. Though she would like to take credit for building this dream team, they gravitated to IBYR with shared intention...Ending survival stories and creating happy coming out stories for queer youth. Christine's dream of bringing queer resources to rural communities and changing the narrative for our LGBTQ+ youth is quickly coming true! 

Cassey Tien, Secretary & Founding Member


Cassey, a teacher of the year, is our expert in education and in-school advocacy. As a teacher and mother of two, Cassey is invaluable in communication, public relations and queer youth needs. Cassey was a Rock to her LGBTQ+ youth students long before IBYR began. Her skills are only surpassed by her bright personality that draws kids to open up about the hard things they experience and is crucial in finding solutions for them. 

Dr. Elizabeth Carr, Treasurer


Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Carr , DVM,  DACVIM, PhD, DACVECC, CVA, professor emeritus at Michigan State University is a strong ally to the LGBTQ+ community.  Having recently retired from a distinguished career as a large animal veterinarian where she could be found doctoring anything from horses , hogs and goats to tigers, zebras, camels, rhinoceros and  other various large animals. She has an incredible passion for helping and rescuing animals and volunteering .  I'll Be Your Rock is proud to have her lend her skills to the Treasurer position to ensure our LGBTQ+ youth have a thriving organization to turn to. She has spent a lifetime dedicated to the health and welfare of animals and now adds our queer youth to her list of those she cares for. Betsy lives on her farm with her horses, rescue cats and her dog,  Sprout. 



Kallie  Strouse--Vice President & Founding Member


Long before I'll Be Your Rock, Kallie, mother of two, was a staunch, outspoken ally. She used her profession and her social media platform to bring the story of her brave and out son to the forefront to change the way some small town residents think about queer people. She instituted and maintains the Charlotte Chapter of I'll Be Your Rock. Kallie goes to bat for LGBTQ+ rights fiercely. We love Kallie. We don't mess with Kallie. 

Ethan Oslund, Director of Operations & Founding Board Member


Ethan, a diesel mechanic, showed up to I'll Be Your Rock as a father to one queer child and quickly took on that role for every child in need of a fatherly presence. His presence is crucial to our youth. Ethan interacts with the kids with shared interests, a loving heart and a kind demeanor. His love and acceptance is everything too many of our kids are missing at home. 


Ash Johnson, Community Outreach and Fundraising Specialist


Ash Johnson is the proud mother to a transgender daughter . Ash loves  helping to make our communities a safe and inviting place for LGBTQIA+ youth .  Fundraising is essential to helping provide our youth with support whether that be food insecurities, clothing assistance, group events and opportunities, activities, youth pride events and more. Outreach to our community helps to provide educational opportunities to those who are curious about  youth support as well as bridging the gap  between the mainstream community and the LGBTQIA+ community.  Ash is instrumental in the thriving success of the Charlotte Chapter of I'll Be Your Rock.


If you are having  an emergency, thoughts  of suicide or self harm please call  The Trevor Project at 1-866-488-7386 to reach a counselor, 24/7.   To reach I'll  Be Your Rock, fill out the form below. We will  respond as quickly as possible.


If you are having  an emergency, thoughts  of suicide or self harm please call  The Trevor Project at 1-866-488-7386 to reach a counselor, 24/7.   To reach I'll  Be Your Rock, TEXT Christine at 517-231-3740.  She will  respond as quickly as possible.